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Our Fundamental Principles Fostering knowledge and technology of the highest level, we aim to give patients the best medical care by respecting the individuality of each and every patient, and greeting them with refreshing smiles and treating them with sincerity.

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President's Message

National Hospital Organization Nagasaki Medical Center Director Hironori Ezaki

National Hospital Organization
Nagasaki Medical Center Director

Hironori Ezaki

The Nagasaki Medical Center is a high-level general medical facility with 643 beds and is located on a small hill in Omura City in the middle of Nagasaki Prefecture.Since the renaming of Nagasaki Central Hospital in 2001, the Center has come to take charge of regional healthcare as a National Hospital Organization hospital in association with its conversion into an independent administrative institution in 2004.

I believe that the mission of the Center is to contribute to regional healthcare, cultivate healthcare professionals such as doctors and nurses, promote clinical research and cooperate in international medicine.The more than 1,000 employees at the Center who are fulfilling this mission are working hard together.

In regional healthcare, we will focus in particular on emergency care and the treatment of cancer.With regard to emergency care, the first Emergency Medical Care Center in the prefecture has been established and 5 years has elapsed since the introduction of the Helicopter Emergency Medical Service so this area of medicine has been enhanced.In addition to these “hard” facilities, all employees continue to possess the spirit that we are the last bastion in regional emergency care and I would like us to make further efforts to respond to the trust of local residents and medical facilities.

We have established the Ajisai-net, which could also be described as the vanguard of a network system, a tool for the early introduction of electronic medical records towards the introduction of IT in healthcare from now on and the promotion of regional healthcare alliances.I am convinced that the computerization of healthcare will not only enhance the healthcare provided by the Center, but will also support the healthcare, nursing care and welfare of local society.

We have been making efforts towards the education of clinical doctors-in-training for 40 years, but have also been involved in the education of people in many types of positions apart from doctors in recent years.I hope and expect that the healthcare professionals developed at the Center will flourish as participants in regional healthcare from now on and be of assistance to everybody.

Everybody at Nagasaki Medical Center will continue to make efforts so that we can respond to the expectations of local people and medical institutions as a regional base hospital.

Operation Policy

Aim to be a hospital that always satisfies patients, while pursuing the goal of a safe and high quality medical care. Provide advanced treatment rooted in the local community, in close collaboration with regional medical facilities.

Promote medical policy in fourteen different fields including liver disease and neonatal medicine as an advanced, general medical center.

Promote clinical research via the Clinical Research Center and transmit information to the world.

Carry out the role of guiding the development of medical practitioners by focusing energy on the training and education of medical personnel.

Ensure a stable base of management in order for patients to be able to receive medical cares at with peace of mind.
Contribute to society by actively carrying out emergency treatment for mass disasters and so forth, via the clinical care center.

Contribute to the world through the promotion of international medical collaboration.


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